Irrigation Systems - Agricultural Applications

Sadot Irrigation Systems offers a large range of irrigation systems for all agricultural applications.
From designing through supplying, total project management, logistics, and up to on site installation, assimilation, and after-sale services & maintenance.

With our enormous experience, (more then 20 years in the irrigation business), and a background of a very large number of projects & installations, we can meet any need and any application; Regardless of complexity, we can get any project done professionally, quickly and within budget.

  Designing, methods & equipment selection.

  Equipment-supply & logistics.

  On-site installation.

  After sales service.

  Agricultural project gallery.

 Designing, methods & equipment selection:  Top 

In Sadot, we provide a comprehensive design of your irrigation systems, including:
Water sources: availability, quality & improvement.
Pump station including pump/s selection & station's layout.
Filtration methods & equipment selection.
Water distribution equipment, selection & configuration.
Hydraulic plans and schemes of irrigation details.
List of materials: quantities and pricing.

 Equipment - supply & logistics:  Top 

These services include:
Validating equipment availability locally, & preparing prices comparison.
Collection of all the equipment, from our production & outer sources.
Manufacturing prefabricated components, (system heads, hydraulic details etc.).
Dividing the equipment according to the installation phases.
Packaging in carton, boxes & containers.
Documentation & shipment arrangements.

 On-site installation:  Top 

We provide high standards installation services including:
Supervised installation and implementation which are undertaken by our staff or by our supervisors with the local staff, in accordance with Sadot's high standards.
Total integration of all system's components.
Full system commissioning, including assimilation.

 After-sales services:  Top 
These services include:
Full client support through all types of communication.
Re-assimilation in case of changes in personnel.
Remote and local support for all control systems
Large spare-parts on stock, and rapid parts transportation; A large logistical operation that stands by for our clientele.
 Agricultural projects gallery:  Top