Amiad Filtration Systems
Sadot Irrigation Systems distributes Amiad Filtration Systems line of products including:

  Plastic disks and screen filters.

  Manual steel filters.

  Media filters: Sand & Multi-Media

  Automatic filters: TAF, ABF, SAF & Mega

  Fertigation equipment & accessories.

 Plastic screen & disks filters:  Top 
High quality, all purpose plastic filters for flow rates up to 50 m³/h [220 gpm] per unit.
Very wide range for diverse applications and materials.
Further information: Filtration degrees,
Head loss graphs.
 Manual screen steel filters:  Top 
Corrosive resistant housings made from high quality steel.
Filtration degrees: available from 3500 to 80 micron.
Various types of filter elements for specific perforation media in order to solve contamination problems.
Semiautomatic option:turbo clean feature provides automatic cleaning of screens.
Meets ISO 9002 standards
Various connections to meet all international requirements.
For flow rates up to 1,000 m³/h per unit.
All filters are rated to 10 bar.
Further information: Filtration degrees.
 Media (sand) filters:  Top 
Complete line of filters for irrigation, industrial & potable water applications.
Manual or automatic backwash systems.
Media and multi-media deep-bed filters.
Standard & custom tailored solutions
Corrosive resistant.
Perfect water distribution during filtering & back washing.
Wide range of vessel types & sizes.
Bedding: gravel, sand, anthracite, active carbon , etc.

 Automatic filters:  Top 
All automatic self-cleaning.
Uninterrupted water supply while cleaning.
Corrosion resistant, epoxy-coated carbon steel.
Modular capabilities providing optimal solutions for higher flow rates.
Flexibility of control options: electronic, PLC control boards, Flushing according to pressure differential and/or time.
Wide range of industrial & irrigation applications.
 Fertigation equipment & accessories:  Top 

Fertigation (fertilization through Irrigation) is the most effective way of providing nutrients throughout the production, and is the key to higher yields and healthier crops.
Amiad line of injectors include:

  • Amiad suction type injectors, (250 L/H).
  • Amiad gravity feed injectors, (250 L/H)
  • Amiad duplex injector, (500 L/H)
  • Amiad TMB 50 L/H.
  • Amiad TMB 250 L/H.
  • Amiad TMB 600 L/H.

3/4" chemical resistant NC (Normally Closed) hydraulic valve for various fertigation applications such as: control valve for activating injectors, fertilizer tank safety valve and more.
Flow regulators to be installed with Amiad injector, in order to limit it's injection rate.

Further information: Injectors, Accessories.