Control Systems - Greenhouse Applications

Greenhouse applications are much more demanding, and the control system should monitor many more processes; Sensors (analog & digital ones) are installed in and out the greenhouse, and provide the controller with real time data which is analyzed instantly, and commands are generated accordingly.

Temperature & Humidity: 2 parameters which are interrelated intensively, and can not be separated. The main objective in monitoring the temperature inside a greenhouse, is to keep the humidity level from significant change & vice-versa.

Several tools are applied in order to control the temperature & the humidity such as:

  • Heaters (all types).
  • Thermal screens.
  • Wet mattresses (humid walls).
  • Air circulators
  • Side curtains.
  • Roof windows.
  • Ventilators.
  • Fogging systems

Sadot Irrigation Systems offers control systems that integrate these components and synchronize them accordingly.

pH & EC: Acidity and Electric Conductivity, are the 2 parameters to control the fertigation process and the solution that was generated.

In soil less culture, which is typical to intensive greenhouse production, it is essential to provide the plants with the correct & accurate combination of fertilizers, and to lower the acidity level in the strata in order to keep the fertilizers available for the plants.

Sadot Irrigation Systems manufactures the line of Shibolet platforms for greenhouse applications, that are capable of monitoring EC & pH levels on the flow throughout the irrigation process.